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Devonbosch Precinct, Stellenbosch


Devonbosch Precinct at a glance

Devonbosch, nestled in the picturesque Western Cape of South Africa, provides the perfect commercial landscape. Its strategic location within the renowned Cape Winelands region makes it a hub for the wine industry, boasting vineyards that yield high-quality grapes for renowned wine producers. Beyond viticulture, Koelenhof AH offers diverse agricultural opportunities, including fruit orchards and vegetable farms, capitalising on fertile soils and favourable climates. 

Its proximity to major transport routes facilitates efficient distribution networks, enhancing accessibility to markets both locally and internationally. The area's tourism sector, fueled by its scenic beauty and wine-related attractions, further contributes to its commercial allure, fostering opportunities in the hospitality, retail and leisure industries. With its rich agricultural heritage, strategic positioning, and blossoming tourism appeal, Devonbosch stands as a promising commercial destination with potential for investment and growth.


Devonbosch is a small suburb nestled within Stellenbosch which was established in 1679 by Simon van der Stel, the Governor of the Cape Colony. Its name, derived from "Stellenbosch," meaning "(van der) Stel's Bush," pays homage to its founder. Positioned along the banks of the Eerste River, named as such due to van der Stel's exploration, Koelenhof AH flourished rapidly. By 1682, it had attained autonomy as a local authority, showcasing its swift growth. It became the seat of a magistrate, exercising jurisdiction over a vast expanse of 25,000 square kilometres by 1685. This historical progression underscores Devonbosch's pivotal role in the region's development, epitomising the blend of colonial heritage and natural allure that characterises Stellenbosch.

Residential property hotspots

Devonbosch offers an idyllic residential setting amidst the enchanting landscape of Stellenbosch. Its serene ambience, characterised by vineyards and scenic views, creates a tranquil haven for residents seeking a harmonious blend of rural charm and modern comforts. With a diverse array of housing options, from quaint cottages to spacious estates, Devonbosch caters to various lifestyle preferences. Residents enjoy proximity to urban amenities while relishing this charming suburb's peaceful ambience and community spirit.

The surrounding suburbs of Devonbosch worth noting are Stellenbosch Central, Die Boord, Jamestown, Lyndoch, La Colline, Bo Dalsig, Idasvallei, Welgelegen and Elsenburg.

Commercial property hotspots

In Devonbosch, the commercial sector extends beyond agriculture, encompassing modern office blocks and bustling retail centres. These developments, scattered amidst the picturesque vineyards, offer a dynamic business environment. Office blocks provide professional spaces for enterprises to thrive, fostering innovation and collaboration. Vibrant retail centres cater to diverse consumer needs, from boutique shops to gourmet markets, enriching the local economy and enhancing community connectivity. With strategic positioning and a blend of commercial offerings, Devonbosch emerges as a multifaceted hub where commerce flourishes amidst the natural beauty of the Western Cape, attracting both business endeavours and shoppers alike.

Some of the prime commercial business parks in the area include:

  • Devonbosch
  • Brickfield Studios
  • Buena Vista Office Park

Some of the prime retail parks in the area include:

  • Devonbosch
  • Eikestad Mall

Industrial property hotspots

Koelenhof AH's industrial sector harmonises with its commercial landscape, contributing to the region's economic vitality. Dotted with warehouses and manufacturing facilities, it facilitates efficient production and distribution processes. From wine bottling plants to logistics centres, Devonbosch's industrial hub supports diverse industries, driving job creation and fostering economic growth while complementing its agricultural and commercial sectors.

Some of the prime industrial parks in and around the area include:

  • Devonbosch
  • Stellenbosch Agri-Park
  • Techno Park Stellenbosch

Transport and infrastructure

Devonbosch boasts robust transport and infrastructure networks, vitalising its economic activities. Well-connected roadways facilitate seamless transportation of goods and people, linking the suburb to major urban centres and transportation hubs. The area also benefits from modern utilities and telecommunications infrastructure, supporting business operations and enhancing residents' quality of life. With efficient transport and reliable infrastructure, Koelenhof AH fosters economic growth, connectivity and accessibility, reinforcing its position as a vibrant and thriving community within the Western Cape.

Here is a list of the top staff transportation options available in the area:

  • Dial a Bus
  • Zoom Safe Shuttles & Transfers
  • Go! Shuttle

Devonbosch is 23 minutes (27,4 km) away from Cape Town via the N1 and Cape Town International Airport is only a 28-minute drive (38,7 km) via Kuils River Road.


Devonbosch is home to some wonderful eateries that will make the perfect destination to host a business meeting, conduct an interview and of course, sit down for lunch. Some of the popular restaurants in the area include Red Roof Diner, Restaurant at Bellevue Wine Estate, Dtrekka, Cuvée Restaurant, Wild Clover Brewery, Muratie, Red Leaf Restaurant and Slaley.

Devonbosch AH is also home to Stellenbosch Provincial Hospital as well as the acclaimed Mediclinic Stellenbosch Hospital & Day Clinic so you know you’ll be in good hands should a medical emergency arise. 

Discover your path to success in Devonbosch

Devonbosch is not only a naturally beautiful area but a safe and vibrant one too. The various property types, amenities and business opportunities make Devonbosch a top choice. Whether you are looking for an industrial, residential or commercial property, Devonbosch will have you covered. If you would like to know more about the area, book a viewing, or simply wish to browse some of the available properties we have, contact Brickfield Properties today.

4 Commercial Properties To Let in Devonbosch Precinct
From R156 per m² to R156 per m²
Office space To Let - Devonbosch/Stellenbosch
9 Photos Mapped Video
R14,092.57 pm

98.30m² Office To Let in Devonbosch Precinct

A2-01b Devonbosch, 1 Bottelary Road
Brickfield Studios - Innovation Hub Nestled in the scenic Cape Winelands of South Africa, Devonbosch redefines...
2 Industrial Properties Industrial To Let in Devonbosch Precinct
From R85 per m² to R95.67 per m²
Devonbosch Stellenbosch: Versatile Industrial Property
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R85,915 pm

898m² Warehouse To Let in Devonbosch Precinct

1 Alberto Drive
Unite your business under one roof with this exceptional property in Devonbosch! This prime location offers a seamless...
3 Retail Properties Retail To Let in Devonbosch Precinct
From R230 per m² to R230 per m²
Prime Retail Space in a Thriving Smart City Oasis - Stellenbosch, Devonbosch
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R59,799.89 pm

265m² Retail To Let in Devonbosch Precinct

R(E) 001 Devonbosch, 01 Bottelary Road
Welcome to Devonbosch, a smart city set in the heart of South Africa's picturesque Cape Winelands. Beyond its stunning...

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