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Woodstock, Cape Town


Woodstock at a glance

Woodstock, a historic Cape Town suburb, nestles between Table Bay's docks and Devil's Peak's slopes, just one km east of the city centre. It's accessible via Woodstock and Esplanade railway stations, with postal codes 7925 for streets and 7915 for P.O. boxes. 

Woodstock is an evolving, edgy neighbourhood filled with hipster cafes, vegetarian eateries and galleries occupying repurposed factories adorned with striking murals. The Old Biscuit Mill, now renovated, houses trendy design stores and hosts the weekly Neighbourhoods Market, featuring street food, African crafts and designer fashion. 

Nearby, eclectic shops offer vintage attire, upcycled furniture and antiques. Young professionals are drawn to the area due to affordable Victorian semi-detached homes, often meticulously restored. Restaurants, media companies, offices, shops, and furniture showrooms have revitalised converted warehouses, abandoned structures, and even a disused Castle Brewery.

Woodstock is the perfect destination for anyone to set up or relocate their business, no matter what industry they fall into. The vibrant community, easily accessible venues and various property types make Woodstock a true winner.

The area's previous name, Papendorp, originated from Pieter van Papendorp, an 18th-century settler whose home, 'La Belle Alliance,' was registered as collateral in 1788 for a 4,000 Florin debt to Jan Winterbach. Over time, more families built their homes near the Van Papendorp Homestead, and by the early 1800s, it became known as Papendorp. 

In 1845, an Anglican Church and a school were established, and by the 1860s, Papendorp evolved into a fashionable residential suburb. The arrival of the railway from Cape Town in 1862 accelerated its development. In the 1870s, the beachfront north of the Castle became a popular bathing spot for Cape Town residents. In 1881, Papendorp merged with the neighbouring village of Salt River and adopted the name, Woodstock. 

The decision to name it Woodstock was made during a resident's meeting at the Woodstock Hotel, proposed by fishermen who wished to honour their favourite pub, and it was carried through due to their majority. After 1903, the area saw a shift towards increasing industrial development, altering its social and economic character.

Commercial property hotspots
The commercial sector of Woodstock, Cape Town, has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a dynamic hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. Once an industrial neighbourhood, it now hosts a diverse array of businesses, from design studios and tech startups to co-working spaces and trendy boutiques. Its strategic location, just a stone's throw away from the city centre, makes it an attractive destination for businesses. 

Woodstock's commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly infrastructure, further reflecting its alignment with modern business values. It actively engages with the local community through art exhibitions, markets, and educational programs, fostering a sense of collaboration and community development. With its thriving arts and culture scene, the commercial sector in Woodstock has successfully redefined the district's identity and become a prominent player in Cape Town's business landscape. 

As Woodstock is a bustling and vibrant location with commercial and retail sectors at the forefront, you can expect to find some great business parks and retail centres in the area. 

Some of the prime commercial business parks in the area include:

Some of the prime retail parks in the area include:

  • The Woodstock Exchange
  • The Old Biscuit Mill
  • Salt Circle Arcade

Industrial property hotspots
The industrial sector in Woodstock, Cape Town, once the heart of manufacturing and production, has witnessed a significant shift in recent years. Many old factories and warehouses have been repurposed into creative spaces, reflecting the neighbourhood's transition into a thriving hub for the arts and technology. While traditional manufacturing still plays a role, the area now boasts an eclectic mix of businesses, including art studios, tech startups, and design firms. This blend of old and new, industrial and artistic, underscores Woodstock's dynamic and ever-evolving industrial sector, making it a testament to the district's adaptability and resilience in the face of changing economic landscapes.

Some of the prime industrial parks in and around the area include:

  • Ndabeni Business Park
  • Tollgate Industrial Centre

Transport and infrastructure
Woodstock benefits from a well-connected transportation infrastructure. It is served by railway stations like Woodstock and Esplanade, providing efficient commuter links to the city centre. Road networks, including major routes like the N2 and N1 highways, ensure accessibility by car. Additionally, public transport services and bus routes make it easy to navigate within the neighbourhood and connect with the broader Cape Town area. These transport options, combined with bike-friendly infrastructure and pedestrian pathways, contribute to the convenience and accessibility of Woodstock, making it a strategically positioned and easily reachable part of the city. 

Here is a list of the top staff transportation options available in the area:

  • Unicab
  • FOX Transport
  • Grants Delivery & Staff Transport

Woodstock is nine minutes (2,5 km) away from Cape Town via the M4 and Cape Town International Airport is only a 14-minute drive (15,5 km) via the N2.

Woodstock is known for its amazing amenities and vibrant community. If you are wondering about where you could go for a quick bite to eat on your lunch break or where you could hold business meetings, you'll be happy to hear you are spoiled for choice in Woodstock. Some of the top restaurants worth looking into include Three Feathers Diner & Restaurant, Woodstock Grill & Tap, The Fat Cactus Woodstock, Chef'sTable CapeTown, Jamaica Me Crazy, Simply Asia Woodstock and Grill n Chill Woodstock.

When it comes to healthcare, everyone would agree that it is an important aspect of decision-making when it comes to choosing a location. Fortunately, Woodstock offers its residents Netcare UCT Private Academic Hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital which are both excellent facilities that provide exceptional care.

Find where you belong in Woodstock
Woodstock is a wonderful place to set up or relocate your business as it is the hub of some incredible commercial and retail businesses. It is also a lovely area to raise a family, making it an ideal location for anyone.

Woodstock in the news

Discover The Woodstock Exchange in Woodstock, Cape Town

Discover The Woodstock Exchange in Cape Town. A dynamic hub fostering creativity, innovation and thriving businesses in a vibrant urban setting.
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