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Camps Bay, Cape Town


Camps Bay at a glance

Located between the Twelve Apostles mountain range and the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay stands as one of Cape Town's most prestigious and picturesque neighbourhoods. Renowned for its pristine, palm-fringed beach, Camps Bay exudes a sophisticated coastal charm, attracting both locals and international visitors. The iconic strip along Victoria Road is lined with trendy cafes, high-end restaurants, and boutique shops, offering a blend of culinary delights and stylish retail therapy. The breathtaking backdrop of the mountainous terrain creates a dramatic setting for luxurious residences and upscale accommodations that characterise the area. With its lively atmosphere, stunning sunsets, and vibrant social scene, Camps Bay remains an enduring symbol of Cape Town's coastal allure and cosmopolitan elegance.

When it comes to the relocation or start-up of your business, Camps Bay is a favourite contender among many, and for good reason. With an abundance of beauty, charm and sophistication, Camps Bay will always be a winning destination for any business to thrive.


Camps Bay's initial inhabitants were the San (Hunter-Gatherers) and the Goringqhaique, Khoi pastorates. When Jan van Riebeek established a Dutch East India Company refreshment station, the Twelve Apostles teemed with forests and wildlife. Facing competition from newer settlers, the Gringqhaique lost their grazing lands on Table Mountain's southeast slopes, confined to Camps Bay by 1657. 

Throughout the 1800s, Camps Bay remained undeveloped, utilised by Lord Charles Somerset for hunting. Kloof Nek Road was constructed in 1848, and in 1884, Thomas Bain built a road from Sea Point to Camps Bay, completed in 1887 as Victoria Road, fostering accessibility. The road spurred Camps Bay's popularity as a picnic site, leading to the 1901 Camps Bay tramway's establishment, along with tidal pools, the Rotunda (now the Bay Hotel) and a pavilion for events. In 1913, Camps Bay was incorporated into Cape Town, maintaining its recreational identity over residential aspects.

Residential property hotspots

Camps Bay boasts an exclusive residential side that epitomises luxury living. The area, historically a recreational haven, has transformed into an enclave of opulent homes, capturing the essence of coastal elegance. High-end real estate lines the streets, offering panoramic views of the ocean and mountainous backdrop. Architectural masterpieces seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious synergy between modern design and breathtaking landscapes. Residents of Camps Bay enjoy seaside living, with private estates, lavish villas and upscale apartments that define sophistication. 

With its proximity to trendy cafes, gourmet restaurants and the pristine beach, Camps Bay's residential appeal lies not only in its luxurious homes but also in the lifestyle it affords, making it a coveted address for those seeking an unparalleled blend of comfort and coastal splendour. The neighbouring suburbs of Camps Bay worth noting are Clifton and Bakoven.

Commercial property hotspots

Camps Bay's commercial sector exudes sophistication and charm, harmonising with its upscale residential ambience. The trendy Victoria Road, lined by the Twelve Apostles and the Atlantic Ocean, serves as a picturesque backdrop for a diverse range of high-end boutiques, chic cafes and gourmet restaurants. Boutique shops showcase curated collections, catering to discerning shoppers seeking luxury and style. The dining scene along the strip features world-class cuisine with stunning ocean views, making it a delicious delight. 

Camps Bay's commercial offerings extend beyond retail and dining, with exclusive spas, wellness centres and beachside venues providing elevated experiences. The area's cosmopolitan allure, coupled with its breathtaking setting, makes Camps Bay's commercial sector a magnet for those who appreciate refined living, where each establishment contributes to a distinctive and elegant coastal experience.

Some of the prime commercial business parks in and near the area include:

  • The Boulevard Office Park
  • Gardens Business Village
  • Inospace
  • Batstone Offices

Some of the prime retail parks in and near the area include:

Industrial property hotspots

Camps Bay, renowned for its residential and commercial allure, has a very minimal, if any, industrial presence. The area hasn't been a focal point for heavy industries or large-scale manufacturing. Instead, Camps Bay is known for its upscale residential landscape, scenic beauty and vibrant commercial sector. With its coastal charm, luxury residences and bustling commercial scene, the neighbourhood hasn't traditionally hosted significant industrial activities, catering more to an affluent demographic seeking an upscale lifestyle by the sea.

Some of the prime industrial parks near the area include:

  • Ndabeni Business Park
  • Wetron Industrial Park

Transport and infrastructure

Camps Bay boasts well-developed transportation and infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity. The area is served by efficient road networks, connecting residents to Cape Town's central business district and surrounding areas. Public transportation, including buses and taxis, allows residents to commute easily. The iconic Victoria Road not only provides stunning coastal drives but also connects Camps Bay to key destinations. 

Pedestrians and cyclists benefit from well-maintained pathways, while essential amenities like schools and medical facilities contribute to the area's overall convenience. With its strategic location and robust infrastructure, Camps Bay stands as a well-connected neighbourhood, offering residents and visitors easy access to the best of Cape Town. 

Here is a list of the top staff transportation options available in the area:

Camps Bay is 15 minutes (7 km) away from Cape Town via the M62 and Cape Town International Airport is only a 25-minute drive (23,2 km) via the N2.


The Camps Bay area provides visitors and residents with an abundance of amazing amenities including some of the top eateries in the country. When it comes to quick lunches, important business meetings and workplace victories, Camps Bay has some wonderful options for you to explore. Some of the top restaurants worth looking into include Mantra Cafe, la Belle by Kove Collection, Col'Cacchio, Codfather Seafood & Sushi, Plant, Firefly Cafe, Primi, The Hussar Grill and The 41.

When thinking of medical care, Camps Bay will have you covered should medical assistance be required. Excellent hospitals such as Mediclinic Cape Town Hospital, Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and Netcare UCT Private Academic Hospital are all under a 20-minute drive and offer exceptional care. 

Discover your path to success in Camps Bay

Camps Bay is a beautiful coastal town that oozes charm and sophistication. The amazing attractions, excellent facilities, transportation options and infrastructure make Camps Bay an ideal choice for any business venture. If you would like to know more about the area, book a viewing, or simply wish to browse some of the available properties we have, contact Brickfield Properties today.

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